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Home and commercial interior styling

We can utilise and edit your existing furniture, to create a beautiful interior that will stand out. 

Let us work with you or your space and help consider the - colour, fittings, furnishings, and small details. In order to reflect your home or commercial space that best serves your needs.


We review, advise and create an inspiring effective style that is appropriate for your home or a space you are in for long periods of time. 

In-person or zoom is an option that we can do too.

Interior Consultation

At Thok, we offer a one-to-one consultation service in order to turn your space, into the way you’ve always wanted it.

With this consultation package,  we will also get to know you, understand how you live and what you like in order to fit your lifestyle needs. 


Let us turn your dreams into a reality! 

  • Understand the overall space and style and what does and doesn’t work

  • Discover a new look and style 

  • Identify what can be retained or simply requires rethinking

  • Suggest new elements that could be added for best results, including sources


    In-person or zoom is an option that we can do too.

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Design Project Management 

If you’re considering relocating, refurbishing, refiguring, or just simply refreshing your space then let THOK help you. 

Using our industry knowledge, construction experience, and selected networks.

We are able to draw upon our skills to create the best results for you. 

  • Developing, clarify and confirming an individual design intention

  • Identifying the piece/s or process required

  • Advising the most appropriate and skilled makers and suppliers

  • Providing sampling and quotes

  • Managing the overall implementation process to completion

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