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THOK Tibetan Tiger Pink Velvet

The claws are coming out! It’s ferocious, fierce and is one hell of a showstopper!


The Tibetan tiger print bursts with colour, boldness and is a must-have item in your wardrobe.

The original Tibetan Tiger rugs were used as meditation mats, and it is believed that the tiger provides that person with protection while they meditate. They were also used as a status symbol for Tibetan or Mongolian high officials who were usually pictured sitting on these rugs. As we delve deeper into this, the ancient word 'Khan' is originated back to the Mongolian chief/ruler. Making it rather fitting for the print to be under the roof of our boutique!


Combining the opulence of velvet with digital printing creates a truly luxurious textile. Our Velvet is woven with a short, dense pile creating a soft, fluid hand feel and stunning print reproduction. This velvet has a soft shimmer to reflect light and produce a rich array of colour. 



Priced Per Metre 


PLEASE NOTE: When ordering fabric, it may take a turnaround of 3 weeks as we print it to your desired length.

THOK Tibetan Tiger Pink Velvet


Composition: Polyester
Fabric Width: 140cm
Weight: 370 GSM

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