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Marriage - TerrariumArt

19cm H X 10cm W


TerrariumArt is a handcraft studio based in Milan where they build glass Terraria with moss and plants, either alive or stabilized. In each vase is set a small scene with colourful miniatures: there is an endless range of personalization. TerrariumArt is elegant ornamental objects and unexpected personalized presents for friends or events of any kind.


Please note - Each Terrarium Art may differ in colour as they are handmade

    Marriage - TerrariumArt


    Place your Terrarium indoor and safe from sources of heat and/ or cold from direct sunlight. 

    In it's inside, the vase does not require any maintenance, it must not be watered. 

    The preserved moss is guaranteed to last several years without any variation of colour nor any kind of change. 

    The moss used comes from certified plantations, it is not collected from nature. 

    It is recommended that you keep your Terrarium with it's cover on. 
    For cleaning the glass, inside or outside, use alcohol-free detergents.

    When cleaning the inside of the Terrarium, we suggest if necessary, to remove the miniatures and reinsert them after cleaning. 


    Made in Italy 

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