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Day Maker Gift Package- ( Levitation &Candle.)
Introducing our exclusive gift packages at THOK! 
Suitable gifts for loved ones, Pick me ups, Christmas ideas, or even new homeowners!
This day-making combination of uniqueness is guaranteed to put smiles on dials and trigger the high five reflex. This bundle includes:
  • Levitation' terrarium - TerrariArt (14cm H x 8cm W)
  • Wild Marquis - La Belle Meche

    (This scent captures the essence of aromatic and woody notes, which is the Provencal vegetation perfect combination: cistus flower, eucalyptus, rosemary, white thyme and immortelle.)





RRP $230

Day Maker Gift Package- ( Levitation &Candle.)

Terrarium  -TerrariumArt is a handcraft studio based in Milan where they build glass Terrariums with moss and plants. Each vase is set a small scene with colourful miniatures: There is an endless range of personalization. TerrariumArt is elegant ornamental objects and unexpected personalized presents for friends or events of any kind. 

Please note - Each Terrarium Art may differ in colour as they are handmade


Candle - Discover those perfumed candles made in France. They have fine scents composed in Grasse and poured with love by a craftsman – wax maker.

All candles are made of 100% vegetable wax and have a cotton wick. The perfumes are guaranteed to be free of CMR substances (Carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic to reproduction).

The burning time is about 50 hours.

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