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African Acacia Reed Diffuser - La Belle Mèche

An african heady and floral scent with notes of acacia and powdery hints of white musk and iris.

This combination create a very chic and feminine fragrance.


Reed diffuser made with scents from Grasse, the world capital of perfume


A long lasting and subtle diffusion of your favorite scent. Alcohol free base.


Insert all reeds on the opened bottle or half of them for a lighter diffusion. Flip the reeds every week to re-perfume the room. The fragrance will diffuse slowly through capillarity until complete evaporation. For small to medium spaces.

African Acacia Reed Diffuser - La Belle Mèche


Fragrance: Leather

Product Type: Reed Diffuser

Capacity: 200ml 

Diffusion Time: 3 Months 

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