“I never said well, I don't have this and I don't have that.
I said, I don't have this yet, but I'm going to get it.”

- Tina Turner - 

Talking on the phone daily from opposite sides of the world, the idea of collaborating fashion and interior designs started to conceptualize and become a reality in 2016. Despite the tyranny of distance, negotiating time difference and late night/early morning meetings became exciting thanks to the idea and inspiration to create a one of a kind business - both new and unique to these shores. 

Created by a Mother/Daughter pairing, "The House of Khans" brings together two specialized industry skillsets to create a unique collective strength, synergistic in nature. 

Polly Khan has been in the interior design trade since 2000 with an aesthetic that sets her aside from many others. Her use of colours and visuals can turn a dreary room into a one of a kind masterpiece for any person with any character traits. 


Dominique Khan has completed a BA in fashion design in 2011. From starting a clothing label and living in London, Dominique is now back to put her experiences and collections of prints to good use. 


The House of Khans is an Interior, Lifestyle and Fashion business.

We work with people in order to help brighten their lives through their home or space for everyday use. 


Home is where the heart truly is, The House of Khans offers a one to one consultation service in order to turn your house into a home. Visit our bespoke page for more information.